Expiry & Inventory Tracker

Manage Inventory

Trace expiry dates and slow moving products by batch level

Automate Inventory Process

Automate inventory by selling products closest to expiry date first

Reduce Wastage

Automatically discount close to expiry and slow moving products





  • Having issues tracking your products’ expiry?
  • Getting complaints from customers due to receiving expired products?
  • Not being able to sell these products result in revenue lost?


  • Advanced analytics to help you make more informed purchasing and inventory decisions
  • Track products which are close to their expiry date or slow moving by batch level
  • Auto discount configuration based on close to expiry or slow moving products
  • Get notification when your products reach their expiry date
  • Show expiry dates to your customers on storefront product pages
  • Automatically remove expired products from inventory
  • Automate batches to fulfil orders using first expire, first out (FEFO)


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