Tap Tap | Cocktails On Tap

TAP TAP is quality cocktails on tap. Using a draft system, we are able to pour your yummy cocktails in less than 30 seconds. No fuss, no garnishes and no straws. Best of all, no more breaking the bank as our prices are friendly to your wallet or purse.


With every cocktail served in less than 30 seconds, we reduce the wait and serve time, making our cocktails more convenient.


TAP TAP’s cocktails are priced to be as affordable and accessible as beer.


We develop our recipes with one aim in mind, quality cocktails for easy drinking. Gone are the days where you would have to chug down the alcohol with a sour face. Working with the best mixologists in the industry, we highly curate recipes that are yummy and creative. With every measurement, we continuously test and blend flavors until it is stabilized, making our cocktails not only consistent in taste but of high quality.


No straws, no extra garnish, our aim is to turn drinking cocktails into a brand of lifestyle with a sustainable mindset.







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